Designing your Brand For your Startup company

by kolemafija
February 19, 2017

To start your own company is hard, we sure know about that :).If you like to get a notice you need a lot of marketing, and one most important part is….

Designing your Brand For your Startup company

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1.Making a Contest on Sweatshop

This is the first thing that you gonna look is crowdsourcing, it is digital slavery in other words.
Why slavery? Because as a digital artist, student, or someone who start learning the best way  crowdsourcing
and a site like that sure gonna take advantage of that, But why is bad for you as a client? You will get a lot of suggestions entries but, What if….

–  It is a copy of the design you maybe you will get lawsuit
–  Not sure if is professional done
–  What you want is not what you need?

Well if is not original and unique you will got to re-brand after that so you will waste money , There is lot of students who they tell you that they are got lot of experience but they just started, not their portfolios and represent them self with it, not pay attention to the rules “You got to know the rules to know how to break them”.But there is a lot of good artists who works on sites on that they are gold platinum or premium but if they are good what they are still doing there?

2. Look for an artist in the Freelance sites

There is lot of sites that offer you to start a project, first logo then business card t-shirt etc..  The branding need to fit all the way, need to be done with one designer or company, because the brand itself it is not just the logo it need to follow brand guidelines, the whole identity makes the brand full

3. Best Way

In IT world it is not the best way the most expensive way, and sure it is not the cheaper way. Prizes don’t matter eventually, See if the association or the freelancer made disparate kinds of brands seeing that you will see if they solved a lot of problems.The last thing if they are creativity, how they  impact it in their project if they are made a great brand already not a sweat shop or a freelance company gonna match with warm creative team that you will make friends, that is the best way to make your brand for your startup company

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