Frequently Asked Questions

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Web Design

How long will my current website be down while you work on my new site?

Your new website will be developed offline so that your current website will be unaffected. Once you have approved your new site, we will switch the domain to point from the old to the new website.

What if I am a costumer from a different country?

That is ok as for most of our customers are located abroad. We will negotiate the terms and the design vie phone and email.

How long will it take to complete my website?

This is a sensitive matter as it depends from various factors such as how detailed the design will be, navigation complexity, number of products you want enlisted and described etc… whatever the case we will give you an estimate of the completion date, which is usually 2-4 weeks.

Will I be able to modify the website if there is need to?

You can make modifications to the page’s content, while we make the design changes. The system in which we create the website allows you to control the settings that are of your importance, while preventing you to make changes that will mess up your page.

Do you design websites?

Yes we do as this is our initial occupation since our company was created. We offer two different types of website models, standard website and e-commerce website to cover all the needs of your business.