Healthy and Vegetarian Branding Rutuba

by kolemafija
October 23, 2018

1.Logo Design


Fresh produce business: It’s called Rutuba Green Farm Limited. (It’s an LLC) Target demographics: 1. Medium to large scale supplies branding. We’d start by targeting vendors with our products. These vendors end up selling to homes at retail prices. 2. Home delivery for purchases above a certain amount. Brand identity: 1. High quality 2. Transparency 3. Happiness 4. Timeliness Deliverables: 1. facebook banner 2. Logo/color schemes 3. Let’s get some images of happy people next to our veggies (dark skinned or different races of people, for now, we’re targeting the African market) 4. package design

The logo Proposals were :

The One selected is the colorful hand drawn  fruits With Font adjusting

We are very proud of the product at the end, scroll down to see the full branding.


2.Facebook Cover and Profile

3.Packaging Design

3.Box design


4.Papper bag

5.Pattern Design


6.Happy Family



Hope you Enjoyed, and If you need Brand design Don’t hesitate to Order or just ask a question


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