Give A Name To Your Design Business By Following These Creative Tips

by SharpSymbols
August 15, 2016

A name is everything! The starting point of your business is the name of your business. Without devoting yourself  for at least a few weeks to create a name for your business, your business has many chances of failure. The process of creating a name can seem quite easy until the actual moment when you sit down and brainstorm to get the perfect name. To make things easier for you, there are some tips and guidelines that you should follow in order to create a name that will present your business as it should.

name design business

1. The name of your business should be easy to remember and easy to spell

Why complicate things when you can simplify them? Choosing a name for your business that will be short, easy to remember, easy to say and spell should be your aim. You cannot just choose a name that will have a double meaning or that may be difficult to interpret, creating confusion amongst your clients. If you create a memorable name it will stay in your client’s mind longer and it will be easier for your clients to find you online. Big companies, such as: Google, Apple, Coca Cola have short and simple names that are known all over the world and have remained being popular throughout the years.

2. Be unique!

Creating a simple name for your graphic design business doesn’t have to mean that you should pick something common, but rather think of a name that will be both comprehensible and unique. Being unique is essential in order to be different from the other brands on the market. When you are coming up with a name for your business, make sure that you it doesn’t resemble some already existing brand names which can create confusion amongst your clients. If you choose a unique name, just by searching it on Google, clients will be led to you, without having to make thorough researches in order to reach you.

3. Choose a name that will perfectly represent your brand, your vision, values, etc.

If you choose a name that will automatically infer the type of your business, you will be more easily recognisable to your clients. Some freelance designers, or beginners would start their graphic design business under their own personal name adding “design” after it, for instance: Mary J. Design. You can also choose some other alternatives, such as a name that will have the word “creative” or “media” in it. However, don’t feel under pressure that you should describe your business services in just one word. The advice that big companies give on creating a name is that it should evoke a feeling and present your business’ attitude rather than explain your whole mission. Let this be your starting point from where you will create something worthy.

4. Check if the name you come up with is taken

No matter how hard you try putting in a lot of effort to create a perfect name, if it is taken by another business, you should immediately drop it. That is why you should create several alternatives and check to find out which one is available, because if you attach just to one name and find out that it is taken, going over the whole process again will be exhausting. Just do a quick Google search and check if the names you have chosen are taken or not.

5. Do not attach your name to a trend, but make it timeless

Most businesses make the mistake of thinking only for the present moment, while when creating a name you should go beyond any time limits or current trends, because you want to create something timeless that wouldn’t be restricted to any time frame.

6. Final Step: Legalise it!

Once you have created a name by following the above-given tips, you should register it to make it official. Afterwards you can also trademark it, in order to protect your business name not to be used by others. That will give you the exclusive right the chosen name to be just yours. According to the size and type of your business you can register under a corporation, LLC or limited partnership. Even though the process of legalisation of your name is the last step in creating your name, you should follow the local and state laws and protect yourself and your business.

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