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by kolemafija
February 23, 2017

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If you like to know how to create one Read bellow

The most important part of a Graphic design is the presentation

Here is 4 professional Free Logo background that our team used.This is great if you like to boost your Logo Idea. With marked guidelines where your design should be, you should change your color depend on your design Fully Editable on Adobe illustrator here, if you like to know how presentation works read bellow with the download link

Have you ever wondered what is the best presentation?

How does the pro work?  A good design is not just the logo or the presentation is both together? Here is a couple of logo design good example how it should be…

1.Pattern Presentation

Here is a logo with forest wallpaper background. Using black and white background with the Black logo it is always the good idea.But be careful to make the background behind it white not to lose the focus of the logo.
Bellow the logo there is pattern that is easy modification done with adobe illustrator there will be tutorial in the next post how to do that, That is the gonna be the  brand guidelines that the brand gonna follow


1. Direct approach

Logo background idea that cut the middle of the presentation.There is a smart idea how you can implant the logo idea using just the circle of the logo cut in the middle of the presentation.Without using the focus with the main logo 

platform, bull wi fi

Dark Background

Using the negative space is the most important thing about the presentation. If you got light colors it is the best way to present in on the black background.
You can see the logo is bigger from the text so …the text needs to be lighter as possible and that is white.
If you use mockup it is the best to make it transparent, so you can mix it with the colors of the logo. That is the advantages of the darker backgrounds

Hope you enjoyed the presentation here is the free background that we created it . If you got any question or you want your design made by our team contact us on the website and like our page


Download Link here

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