Discover Behind The Re-Branding Process Swara

by kolemafija
October 10, 2018

First of all, like almost all branding Design Start with a Logo

1.Logo Design


The Client Write that he is Building a courier service, want to convey that we’re fast. Using a local word for a business name (Swara – which means deer), and deers are known to be fast.

And the client old logo was:

The old logo Design was not half bad but like mostly rebranding design the customer wants to stay close to the original concept But not on this one So The first proposals were something that I want to convey from the old logo Design that they own and something fresh and new like you can see

The logo Proposals were :


The One selected is the colorful Deer with the Yellow circle Behind it With small color adjusting

Logo Design_Full Color VERTICAL

There is nothing better when a client is completely satisfied with his logo. Not only that you know you will get paid but because you will start designing another part of the brand

2.Facebook Cover and Profile


3.Stationery Design

Clipboard Mockup

3.Motorcycle Package and Helmet



Front Closed

4.Jacket for the Motorcycle

yellow green

5.T-shirt and Package

Delivery man with thumb up

Hope you Enjoyed, and If you need Brand design Don’t hesitate to Order or just ask a question


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