Cute & Creative

by kolemafija
February 20, 2017

Simple Minimalistic Unique Icons

  • 1. Unicorn

Ever seen a unicorn? we hope you didn’t? But we sure did make a Logo out of it

1730ec44625159.5818b4c7524e2 (1)-01


  • 2. Bird

If this bird got a name I would be called Shelly, Because of his wing shell

1730ec44625159.5818b4c7524e2 (1)-02

  • 3. Butterfly

Geometric Flower Butterfly

1730ec44625159.5818b4c7524e2 (1)-05

  • 4. Elephant

Big Fat adorable

1730ec44625159.5818b4c7524e2 (1)-04

  • 5. Owl

Starring At night the never sleeping owl he will attack with his cuteness

1730ec44625159.5818b4c7524e2 (1)-03

We hope you enjoyed this beautifully designed  Icons from our designers who said you can’t work and have fun? Image we Love Mondays….. we are that crazy, contact us if you like to see more and remember sharing is caring :) we sure gonna appriciated it


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