Creative Logo Idea With Cute Animals

by kolemafija
March 10, 2017

Here is an 8 Creative logo Idea with animals using negative space with cute animals


1.Check Mark DogSharp Post 1-02

Smart use of negative space of the dog this can be used of the dog bull terrier, the balance is perfect between the eyes down to the mouth

3.Cat CocktailSharp Post 1-02

Need a drink? Great implementation of the cocktail within the cat connection the tale with the cat making it perfect fit

4.Horse and DogSharp Post 1-02

Great for veterinarian hospital Using the horse nose making a dog Genius.

4.Mama Bear & Little BearSharp Post 1-02

This can be used with almost all animals with the negative space with the legs great Logo Idea to motivate

5.Rabit With a CarrotSharp Post 1-02

The best Fit instead using the legs now with got a rabbit uses his hand to make a carrot great use of the designer hands also :)

6.Dogs CareSharp Post 1-02

Use of the Dogs Ear to creative the negative space of the hand and the shape of the dog holding it to create beautifull logo

7.Pelican BirdSharp Post 1-02

Letter Logo uses the negative P for Pelican

8.Penguin CoffeSharp Post 1-02

This is something ours from Penguin with a belly bean coffee

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