What Are The Characteristics Of a Successful Graphic Designer?

by SharpSymbols
July 30, 2016

Being a graphic designer requires talent, skills and hard work. However, those are only the basics which will not secure you a place amongst the best and most successful graphic designers. For that reason there are some key common features that great graphic designers have in common.

characteristics of a successful graphic designer

Preparing PSD Files For Handoff

by SharpSymbols
July 28, 2016

It happens often that you need to hand over working (Photoshop) files for a certain project, whether its graphics for print/web or a full website design.

And in cases like this there is nothing worse for a graphic designer than opening a chaotic file which is very difficult to handle, or even worse, a file which will technically prevent the designer to change certain things because of which he/she will be force to create or design them from scratch.

1 photoshop bonton

Ways To Earn (a Little Extra) From Graphic Design

by SharpSymbols
July 12, 2016

Whether graphic design is your full time job, hobby, or you are working as a freelancer (where the chance  is that your working hours are longer than in any full time job), you can earn extra by using your skills and putting in additional effort –  in some cases without even doing anything (passive income).

earn graphic design

The Top 5 Graphic Design Principles

by SharpSymbols
July 10, 2016

1. Balance

Balance is when different elements are equal or are in correct proportion. Balance is obtained whenever your product looks symmetrical, and well coordinated, particularly if it consists of different elements which have to be placed or organized according to a specific scheme. The place, the size and the color that are in a graphic design will give a certain weight to the it, providing balance or imbalance, according to your preference and needs.

If your are aiming for a symmetrical balance draw a visual straight line through the middle of your graphic design, and you will see equality and stability amongst the objects.

On the other hand, asymmetrical balance is the intentional imbalance that you can create in your design, by making one side look heavier or more dominant that the other.


Love At First Sight, Or Not – It’s Up To You

by SharpSymbols
April 25, 2016

The first impression each new visitor gets when visiting your site may also be the most important one. It determines whether he or she will visit the site again, whether they will recommend it to others, and whether they will decide to spend time to review its contents in detail. A good first impression will significantly increase the chances of a positive outcome of all things previously mentioned, whereby the consequences of a negative first impression will be difficult to overcome. This will mostly depend on the visitors which have already made the mistake of visiting it and their good will to give you at least one more chance.

1 love at first sight

5 Common Problems Appearing In Web Design

by SharpSymbols
April 21, 2016

Web design evolves constantly and adapts to new technology and the needs of the users, so what is currently “in” can often times get outdated pretty soon. It does not simply become less functional than it previously was, but can also degrade the website performance and with it completely worsen the visitor’s/potential client’s experience.

5 common problems appearing in web design