Top 5 Sign Mockups

by kolemafija
November 8, 2018

Here are TOP 5 free variant Sign Mockups

1. Shop Sign


Three sign in one mockup and stand-up billboard mockups. Photo-based PSD files each mockup is with a smart object.
Download Here 

Credit Onur Kasimogullari


2.Shop Facade Mockup


Download Here

3. Sign in front of the store


Download Here
Thanks to Mr.Mockup™
Visit their store for more beautiful Mockups and more

4.Neon Sign on a Brick

Download Here
The neon effect to your logo or text open the smart object and import your design.

5.Real Estate Sign MockupFree-Real-Estate-Signboard-Mockup-PSD

Download Here
This mockup make’s it special because you can replace your background with any background you want I think it best fits a real estate logo design

Hope you liked our collections, new freebies are coming soon

Free Fonts For Food

by kolemafija
November 4, 2018

Here are TOP 5 free fonts for food



Download Here

2. Bello Font Family


Download Here


3. Kitten


Download Here
For commercial uses and to download the full commercial typeface visit

4.La Chatte à Maman


Download Here
For commercial uses contact the owner



Download Here
For commercial uses and to download the full commercial typeface visit

Hope you liked our choices, new fonts are coming soon


Healthy and Vegetarian Branding Rutuba

by kolemafija
October 23, 2018

1.Logo Design


Fresh produce business: It’s called Rutuba Green Farm Limited. (It’s an LLC) Target demographics: 1. Medium to large scale supplies branding. We’d start by targeting vendors with our products. These vendors end up selling to homes at retail prices. 2. Home delivery for purchases above a certain amount. Brand identity: 1. High quality 2. Transparency 3. Happiness 4. Timeliness Deliverables: 1. facebook banner 2. Logo/color schemes 3. Let’s get some images of happy people next to our veggies (dark skinned or different races of people, for now, we’re targeting the African market) 4. package design

The logo Proposals were :

The One selected is the colorful hand drawn  fruits With Font adjusting

We are very proud of the product at the end, scroll down to see the full branding.


2.Facebook Cover and Profile

3.Packaging Design

3.Box design


4.Papper bag

5.Pattern Design


6.Happy Family



Hope you Enjoyed, and If you need Brand design Don’t hesitate to Order or just ask a question


Discover Behind The Re-Branding Process Swara

by kolemafija
October 10, 2018

First of all, like almost all branding Design Start with a Logo

1.Logo Design


The Client Write that he is Building a courier service, want to convey that we’re fast. Using a local word for a business name (Swara – which means deer), and deers are known to be fast.

And the client old logo was:

The old logo Design was not half bad but like mostly rebranding design the customer wants to stay close to the original concept But not on this one So The first proposals were something that I want to convey from the old logo Design that they own and something fresh and new like you can see

The logo Proposals were :


The One selected is the colorful Deer with the Yellow circle Behind it With small color adjusting

Logo Design_Full Color VERTICAL

There is nothing better when a client is completely satisfied with his logo. Not only that you know you will get paid but because you will start designing another part of the brand

2.Facebook Cover and Profile


3.Stationery Design

Clipboard Mockup

3.Motorcycle Package and Helmet



Front Closed

4.Jacket for the Motorcycle

yellow green

5.T-shirt and Package

Delivery man with thumb up

Hope you Enjoyed, and If you need Brand design Don’t hesitate to Order or just ask a question