5 Creative Greeting Cards Idea

by kolemafija
March 15, 2017

5 Greeting Card Postcard

5 Creative and Simple Greeting Card You can
Sent to all of your: Friends Girlfriend or Boyfriend Or just a Birthday card, Printed or just send them all over the internet :)

1. Lick Me until Ice cream

ice cream-02

This is more for Girls If you know what I mean, little naughty and little cute. But always Great to set up the mood.

2. Talk Dirty to Me


 Talk Dirty to me, Wait … Not that kind of Dirty I mean naughty ..:).And also turuturu turu ru that is the song.

2. Life Without You Is unbearable

bear bear-01

2 Little Cute Bear in love, Cuddling in the clouds Adorable…
You know who you like to send the cards to…


2. Cheesy Birthday Card


Do you know what is the good part for sending this card? You can send it and still be creative Cool and Cheesy.

2. Donut Worry


Great Greeting Card to sent it with Donuts :).
But be Careful not to send it to your friend who got diabetes.

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